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Super High-Intent High-Converting Sales Opportunities from your Competition

Here’s how it works

Identify Your Key Competitors

Review and select from our list of your top 50 competitors, or add additional ones.

Choose Who to Monitor

From your chosen competitors, pick the Sales Development Reps (SDRs), Business Development Reps (BDRs), and Account Executives (AEs) for us to track.

Weekly Insights

Receive weekly reports detailing the new LinkedIn connections of the individuals you’re monitoring, empowering you to stay ahead in the competition.

This is why you cannot live without CAM from now on

94% of the NEW connections of the Sales Team are NEW prospects that are entering NEW sales cycle

We have a large pool of LinkedIn profiles that are already connected or can connect to them

We have a large pool of LinkedIn profiles that are already connected or can connect to them

We will show the NEW connections — Name, Title, Company, LinkedIn Profile ID and Email

We use an AI pattern recognition model and a large network of LinkedIn profiles to detect new connections and activities.

94% of the new connections that XDRs and AEs establish are related to their sales process, making them highly relevant.

The new connections from AEs are likely BANT qualified, as the XDRs have completed the initial qualification.

XDR is a term that refers to either a Business Development Rep (BDR) or a Sales Development Rep (SDR).

On average, we achieve a 74% match rate. This means we can track 74 out of every 100 connections our clients want to monitor.

Our reports include new connections’ first name, last name, title, company, LinkedIn profile ID, and email. Mobile numbers are coming soon.

What we do is 100% legal. In terms of ethics, it can be considered borderline; we leverage competitors’ sales investments to gain valuable insights for our clients, but nothing we do is illegal.

XDRs typically connect with 50 to 250 new connections a month, while Account Executives make between 20 to 50 new connections. The number of leads depends on the sales roles you are monitoring.

CAM is best suited for companies competing in a market with a relatively concentrated number of competitors. It provides a strategic advantage by giving insights into these competitors’ sales activities, helping your business better compete and outperform them. Conversely, if you are operating in a highly fragmented industry with a vast number of competitors, the benefits of monitoring specific competitors’ connections may be less impactful, and thus, CAM might not be as advantageous. This FAQ entry helps clarify the ideal customer profile for CAM, ensuring that potential users can assess whether the service aligns well with their competitive landscape and business needs.

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